Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baby... Hello?


Yesterday was my EDD
--highlighting the word 'estimated' ADD is yet to be determined.. but I thought I'd leave you with some photo's to help tide you over until I can post some cute bubba pics up when the lil man arrives.

Im not particularly or overly concerned about when he decides to come.. although it would be nice if it was a Wednesday Night,Thursday because Kyle gets two days off so that would mean 4 days off due to the weekend.. and then if it was THIS Thursday Mum said she would come visit & I haven't seen my mummy for a VERY long time ;)

but no, in all seriousness I don't have any overwhelming urges to get him out, I'm not overly uncomfortable and the biggest problem at the moment is that I caught a chesty cold from my very loving, VERY giving hubby.

People keep asking if I can't wait to see him and get back to being skinny etc..

Well, I am excited.. sorta... but I suppose I'll be much more excited when the big event is a little more imminent.

I sort of feel it wont be long but who am I to say anything? How long is not long! .. at the longest it will be another 2 weeks (which is really quite darn short anyway) then I'll be induced and at the shortest in about 14 hours?

Since its not really up to me I think I am just utterly happy to keep my midday snooze tradition and try to get over this yucky cold.. either way he will get here eventually.



Sim-Dim said...

Hopefully the next few days - sooner rather than later.

Eloise said...

Oh you still have the cold?? That was very thoughtful of Kyle... I was hoping for your sakes that you would have gotten over the cold already.

I love day time snoozes!!! Only mine isn't midday, its usually at about 2pm haha. But its getting too nippy here to have warm day snoozes.

I hope you shake that cold soon!

The Kings said...

Oh how exciting! Hope you feel better before he decides to come into the world. Can't wait to see pics of him.

Collette said...

hurry up baby!!
p.s can you take your comments of blog owner approval...it annoys me when they don't come up straight away and i think your crazy stalkers have left the scene!

melandpeter said...

What a beautiful belly. Thinking of you a lot at the moment. xx

Chelsea Parsons said...

so glad you posted Jess, I have been wondering about you. MEant to ask Collette at basketball how you were, but we got whipped and I forgot all about it. Hope all goes super well.

kezza said...

Jesse you are certainly 'nesting' with all that creativeness, which I must say, I just love.... Hope all goes well for you and the little manny. love Kerry F.