Monday, May 17, 2010

hello world.

Sebastian Charles was born on Friday 14th of May at 11:34pm
8 pounds 4 ounces (yes, I too wonder how he fit)

This is what my Obstetric Summary says:

Total Labour Length: 14:30

1st stage being 11:50
2nd stage being 1:44
3rd stage being 0:06


Contractions started Thursday 13th at approx 10am and became regular the next day at around the same time.

They got down to about 5 mins apart but at 6 pm on Friday night they stopped for a whole 20 minutes and I was like GREAT! a false labour.. all that pain and I have to start again.

THEN they came on really quickly at 3 mins - much stronger & when I was walking around I felt like my bone was scraping on some one elses bone... eeewww.

I was like we should go, we need to finish packing the bag.. (yes it wasn't all packed -- and in fact we didn't start packing it till the day before) I was SO determined not to be the first time mummy who rushes into the hospital and is only 2 cm dilated.

I had a blessing, Kyles parents left to pick up my Mum from the airport and we left for the hospital with me saying " ow ow ow ow ow " and hobbling to the car.

We arrived at the hospital at 8:40 ish-- I immediately REALLY needed to go to the toilet ... this is when I feel a massive bulging white balley thing come out (yes, my waters came out partially and they were still intact, pretty cool to look at....stayed intact till the next contraction-- )

Then I was examined and the doc says " Your 7-8cm, and this is your first birth? that's REALLY good ".. (everyone in the room nods, I am just thinking -- well holy heck for the amount of pain I'd better be that far along & I'm secretly pleased I haven't turned into a first time mummy statistic)

My man midwife (yeah, a cool manwife) escorts me half naked with Kyle in tow down to the birthing bath... I'm floating around thinking this isn't actually half bad I thought labor would be heaps worse..20 minutes later he says I'll just check where the head is .. he looks up surprised and says he's only about a finger nail away.

I start pushing.

2nd stage was so long because my manwife was trying to support me with my water birth but in the end I just had to hop out of the bath to get into a better pozzy because he wasn't coming around the "U bend" as he put it?

my manwife is joined by the midwives for the next shift ...he leaves :(-- one of the ladies is in my ear "now you'll feel stinging but you just have to push through it, just keep pushing, he's right there" the other in my other ear is saying "push, push Jessica, great pushing, push" over and over and I am thinking GIVE ME BACK MY MANWIFE !!

then one starts to prepare the oxytocin and I am thinking my manwife read my birth plan.. didn't you?!

I tell her I don't want it.

She looks upset and has a discussion with the doc who shrugs and says well if she doesn't want it.

I am feeling smug (and still pushing)-- Extreeme pressure down below as Bubba moves into position.

The midwife says to the doc " well, I don't think she would be happy with that from what she has been saying " I am thinking huh? oh they talking about the snippety snip episiotomy.

Baby starts to crown, Jess gets loud as I am suddenly thinking I TOTALLY take back what I thought in the bath.

Doc and Midwife let him stay there for a bit continuing to say " one more push through the pain " ( oh the pain, yeah.. thanks for sticking to the birth plan when it is THAT painful!) another set of contractions, another try.

37.5 cm of head is hard to get out!

Midwife says "Jess I think we are going to have to make a cut"
Jess nods VERY vigorously.. thinking JUST DO IT woman.

Next contraction comes, doc snips.. Jess SCREAAAAMMMSSS (yes, I'm totally not ashamed of that because I utterly felt those scissors snipping away at my flesh)

Baby pops out to his shoulders.

Midwife says " you don't have to wait for the next contraction you can just push, push Jess"

Jess shakes head adamantly not really knowing what is going on thinking I don't want that-- that is called blue pushing its in my birth plan, read my birth plan woman-- then in a random delayed way thinks .. oh wait? just a little push .. baby comes out.

Baby on tummy, baby screams.. Jess looks at Kyle and is thinking THAT came out of me.

Jess says " hehe, He has fat rolls"

no drugs, feeling proud.


melandpeter said...

You're a great story teller hun. Pete and I are sitting here grinning. Big hugs to you and your little fat boy! Haha - 'he has fat rolls.'
Also - love the 'manwife' name.
MWAH xxx

The Kings said...

Congratulations guys!!! He is so beautiful. I can't believe he was so big and to fit inside your tiny tummy!!
So glad it all went well. I had a 'manwife' with Jalen too and he was so awesome. He had to leave 1/2 hour before Jay was delivered. He would've stayed but had an appointment and I was really disappointed.
Hope he is letting you get some sort of rest.

Essie said...

Yay Jess! Felt like I was totally there with your awesome description of the whole event! Well done with your natural birth! After two times I'm starting to like the idea of an epidural tho! Haha. Glad Estella's boyfriend has finally arrived...(Collette says toyboys are totally in right now). Have fun being a yummy mummy to your gorgeous little Bastian!

Collette said...

Ew!!! Too much information!! you had a manwife? that's amazing! He is SO gorgeous! obviously takes after his aunty Collette! Who by the way needs to see MORE PICTURES!!!

Rebecca said...

Well done Jess!! Cant believe they snipped you with no numbing the area!!! he looks just lovely!

Rachael said...

Haha, so I LOVE that story, I'm a bit speechless so not sure I have anything else to say but good work! :D

Love Rach

make it perfect said...

Well done guys! Sounds like a great experience for you.

Can't wait to hear more about the little man with the cutest name ever!

Sending happy sleeping and feeding vibes your way :)

Chelsea Parsons said...

eeeee soo exciting. Well done Jess for all the hard work. 4 natural births here and I really wanted pain meds for the last!!! Looking forward to more photos.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jessica - well done! What diet were you on to bring out such a whopper????? he! he! he!
Wonder if you are the first of my sweeties from nursery to have one of their own??

Luvs ya
Ali Christie (Anderson)

Sim-Dim said...

Yikes, i held my breath throughout that whole story. Thankgoodness it is over. ONly 10 more days til I get to hold him. xx

Eloise said...

I'm rather partial now to the date that he arrived! He gets bonus points from me for arriving on that date =P

Good work Jess! Congratulations to you both! I told my Mum and Tom his name and they thought it was a great name!

Thanks for the details of the birth, like others said I felt right there with you! But it also gives me a down to earth account of the facts of childbirth that I have to look forward to in the future... Slightly daunting but at least I'm better mentally prepared! haha

Alison said...

Congratulations! :) He's so so so so beautiful!

Sounds like you did a great job! :) Oooouuuuuchh.

Hope you're all settling in together.

Nettie's Blog said...

Congrats to you both ...he is just a darling....waiting for the rest of the pics.... love the fact you had a "manwife"... did your mum get there in time???? you didnt say if she did or not....

Kathryn said...

HOLY SMOKES... I am impressed, no statistic there... drug free and 8lb 4oz and you are teeny... congrats to you and definately give yourself a pat on the back. I am jealous of such a great/awesome/perfect birth I tell ya.

AlexandraPearl said...

he's beautiful :) but... some of your descriptions scare me! haha.