Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Cocoa Pops

Over the last few months (since our big move) our family has been down a member/ a long long long time before Bastian there was Cocoa (You may remember her from this post.)

-- finally in a couple of weeks we will be a BIG FAT even bigger even happier family again.

I have kept Cocoas puppy picture beside our bed all this time because she is VERY very very very very missed.

In two weeks she is FINALLY coming.

We hope you have enjoyed your holiday with Nan Cocoa Pops, can't wait to see you :)


Collette said...

naw...she used to be cute! now she's just a monster! a millie eating monster! haha

Nettie's Blog said...

That is soooooo cool that she is going home to you...but i bet she will miss her walks on the beach at Bridport!!!! have you got anywhere like that to walk with Bastian and her???? how about posting a travelogue in pictures of where you live for us ?????

Eloise said...

Cocoa was such a gorgeous puppy!!!

Why did she go to live with your mum?

Will this be the first dog that young Sebastian meets? =D

You must be so excited!!!