Friday, July 09, 2010

Buddah Belly

BAStian KEEps :

growing & growing & growing

8 wks old today.

Bastians favourite game is heads & shoulders, knees & toes.
He LOVE love LOVES the shower and letting the water run over his face.
He still likes to sleep (thankfully)
He likes to guzzle with a loud gulp when he EATs and as a result of eating so much he now has a buddah belly...
I think I should rub his belly for good luck in this photo.

We love you Bubba Bass xx


Nettie's Blog said...

oh he is so handsome Jess... when will you bring him back to Tassie for a visit... i would love a hug????

The Kings said...

8 weeks already!!!? Wow!!! He is gorgeous Jess.

melandpeter said...

Naw! He is so cute Jess. Love his belly. I'd be blowing raspberries on it all the time.