Tuesday, July 13, 2010


During the week I treated myself to a new cook book.

Last night I graced the family with:

Potato, Leek & Carrot soup.

Crispy Duck with Vegetable Salad & mashed potato

and Rhubarb dumplings.

I LOVE my new Donna Hay cook book, worth its weight in gold -- the recipes are even set out seasonally so that

a) you can use in season produce so its cheaper
b) yummy warm my tummy meals for winter

(I have a link to the Donna Hay website in the side bar, you can get free recipes from her website.)


Alison said...


the verification word is 'choduck' which means 'come have our duck', to which I say, YES. OKAY. BE THERE SOON.

Nettie's Blog said...

oh WOW that is a banquet fit for a king there Jess...almost looks like they were the pictures in the book...but i knoew they were the actual things ou had made because i could see your fingers in the pics.... yummo!!!

Eloise said...

That looks like a fantastic cookbook!

I have seen that in town a couple of times and thought about wondered if I could pull the money together to buy it.

So they're terribly yumi? =D

Chelsea Parsons said...

cool Jess, I THINK I was looking through this book a week ago in the book shop.... the girls dresses had me! Are there pics of girls in cute dresses all through it???

Jess said...

Yeah its one of those books you could sit on your coffee table for people to flick through as well as being an awesome cook book:)