Friday, October 08, 2010

10 Reasons

--since I am having one of those days mentioned in reason 8 here are :
Reasons why Living in Geelong sucks...

1 (As highlighted in above picture) When one wants to go swimming in summer one must compete with 70, 000 other people for a spot by the pool.

2 there isn't a charcoal chicken, end.

3 Collette & Bec don't live in Geelong.

4 I share a room with my 5 month old son, so I can't use the computer or be in the room between 8 - 10 am, 11 - 2 pm, 4 - 5 pm and any time after 6.30pm till 7 am because he wakes up!
(Can't even sleep in my own room anymore.. sheesh)

5 the weather is worse than Tassie, oh...did you hear about the flash flooding at the waterfront?

6 When asked what annoys her the most from the ' Street Talk' section in the Geelong newspaper Karen Johnson said " Young people who ask for cigarettes when they have new sneakers on " .. huh?

7 Avalon Aiport doesn't fly to Tasmania

8 Some days I literally don't do anything because everything that needs to be done has been done twice over.

9 Other days it takes 35 minutes just to get to the other side of town, so I can't say "be back in an hour" anymore.

10 Gary Ablett couldn't even stand it. (Traitor)

...the best & absolutely only good thing about Geelong is my Hubby (technically not even from here) & Bastian (definitely from here ) ;)


Eloise said...

Sending you a very long tight hug!

make it perfect said...

aw that sucks!
cute blog post though.
i remember when once i felt exactly like you do...and i would give anything to have a week or two like that again! things will change, just go with the flow and keep on keeping on :)

p.s. glad your package arrived safely!

Collette said...

i didn't even rate above charcoal chicken? Stuff ya! HAHAHAHAA to the street talk comment! awesomeness!

melandpeter said...

Oh hunni! I really felt your pain reading this post. I'll be in Melb soon and will have to organise day trips to Geelong to see you!!! Then we don't have to be bored :-)
I'm worried about Melbs for a few of those reasons myself!
Sending big love and hugs your way xxx

Nettie's Blog said...

sending you Nettie hugs and mmmwwwwaaahhh kisses.... perhps you could start up a Charcoal Chicken franchise????