Monday, October 11, 2010

Big Boy Things.

Over the past two weeks Bastian has been trying on his big boy boots with some new tricks.

He has been trying some food. Surprisingly, even if he absolutely hated (shown by screwing his face up and twitching his eye after each mouthful ) the rice cereal, pureed banana and mashed pumpkin he still kept opening his mouth for more.

This week I decided I would give him a treat since I suspect (since letting him eat some of my chocolate bar) that he has been endowed with the Gibson sweet tooth.

Yesterday he had plain custard which he thought was pretty good, Today he had chocolate custard which he couldn't get enough of! He kept grabbing the spoon as if to say, " get it in Mum your going too slow ".

On wednesday of last week I was standing Bastian up in the bath for a second and he ended up doing a big boy standing wee before he got in, he looked at it with great fascination as if to say "..huh never seen that one before "

Bastian has also been rolling from his tummy to his back for a while now but is getting to be a real expert at reaching for things from his back and almost turning over the other way which means he might very well soon be a rolly pollying around the house.

He is also becoming quite a little man about what he likes and dislikes - squealing when something is taken off him, when he is excited, frustrated or even just plain bored.. so there is alot of squealing going on and alot of sore ears.

Bastians favourite big boy thing to do, however, is go to the pool for a swim. He loves the water so much and kicks and splashes happily and would (I think) stay all day if we let him.

Happy 5 Months baby boy, don't grow up too fast.


Charlotte said...

Hey Jess! That is so good that he is eating, Harri is 7months and I still can't get him to eat anything! Your little man is so cute! Hope everything is going well.

Wheeler Team said...

Goodness, he is doing a lot now, I can't wait to see him again :D

Nettie's Blog said...

no way.... i cant be 5 months already... he is a very handsome little man (Bastian i mean of course) he he!!!!!

Collette said...

i LOVE the look he has on his face in those's like...yeah i'm cute so what? check out my crazy parents! he really can't be fussed! haha

Sim-Dim said...

Little Bastian making his mark on the world. He is going to be so big when we see him again.

The Kings said...

don't they grow up sooooo fast!! Before you know it he will be walking and talking :)