Wednesday, February 23, 2011

9 & a bit

Bastian is now a BIG 9 month old boy.

He loves to clap, wave & has 6 teeth in total.

This week he has been practicing saying "Nan" which he can do when prompted (alot) usually when he is playing quietly on his own he goes through his repertoire "Mum Mum, Bybyb, Dadad" & Ta which he says as "uh uh uh uh".

He loves to eat everything (even if its not food) so we have to be careful when he is around cardboard or paper or anything which can be softened with saliva and swallowed.

This week he attempted his first painting. (below)

We are so proud of our little man, but worried about how fast he seems to be growing up.

We love you boy.


Nettie's Blog said...

too fast...too fast...put on the brakes there Bastian... if it is going that fast i will soon be old!!!!!

Chelsea Parsons said...

it doesnt take long hey! Wait till its the 4th kid.... that goes even faster!! He is sooooo cuuute!

Collette said...

haha he's just LOVING that fruit SO much!