Sunday, February 27, 2011


This Friday the two of us (Kyle & I ) will be opening our very own made it store:


We love to create things and wanted to share some of our ideas with others so you can also read about what we are inspired by and what we are creating on our blog.


We have been quite excited about becoming extremely famous designers, so get in quick before we become absolutely too busy/famous to make our own stuff.


Eloise said...

I'm hot on this trail! Definitely following your progress closely!

PS. I'm very jealous you get to do this =P

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. Good luck! Mum

Collette said...

WHATTTTT!!!!! that was mum??!! What the heck!!! that's two comments on your blog and NONE EVER ON MINE!!!
i'm FLIPPING OUT right now! ...clearly!
Right that's it!
Not happy Jan!