Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Boy turns 1

On May 14th Bastian turned one and celebrated with a big B party in Tasmania

Everyone was dressed up as something beginning with B. Bastian was a banana

There were lots of presents to open

lots of balloons & bunting decorated the room

Kyle went as Batman & I went as a ballerina

Bastian LOVES cake, he couldn't even let us finish his birthday song before..

sticking his hand into it, mmm yummo

(proof that Kyle wore tights)

We drank Blue cordial from Bottles.

and ate lots of yummy food.

Happy B birthday Boy, we love your cheeky ways!

to read more about Bastians birthday go here & here-- Or to find out how he arrived a year ago go here.

5 BIG things we love about Bastian.

1 his obsession with real phones.
2 his love of the bath.
3 his cheeky smiles & laughs.
4 his jewish dance style.
5 his perfectly round big bald head.

Oh and his shamless "tah's" to complete strangers if we are in a restaurant and the people at the closest other table get their food first..

What do you love ?

1 comment:

melandpeter said...

I love the way he shrugs his shoulders. It's very very cute!