Thursday, January 12, 2012

Collie & Hayden

(the better photo's from comic strip by POP photography)

I realise there is a lot to catch up on considering I haven't bloggety blogged since the 9th of December!

This week, we have been trying to take it easy having a "holiday" from our holiday to Cairns but more about that in later posts.

First I wanted to start with how the wedding of the century went!

Collette graced me (decided to trust me) with the responsibilities of planner, florist, make-up artist/hairdresser and general organiser.

The day before I dedicated to getting most of the tasks for the following day done.

(above, place cards/ below flowers for bouquet and table arrangements)

(the bouquet, below)

Because Collette got married in the temple I came up with the idea that we had little snack boxes afterwards while we waited for the photo's to be taken before heading off to the reception venue.

I liked this idea because it meant there wasn't a lot of aimless standing around in between (which can happen when you get to go to the sealing and reception)

Particularly because Collette and Hayden got married at 12, right on lunch time and the reception wasn't until 4.

The snack boxes, organised by me, executed by Aunty Sandra, Mum & Kyle.

Simone (hahahaha) eating said snack box.

The Reception - place cards in action.

Unfortunately my camera battery ran out and I didn't get anymore pictures of the reception, but Julia our loverly wedding photographer did so for more pics head on over to the POP photography facebook page.

The flowers..

(boy enjoying his drink on a hot day)

We really loved seeing two people who are so in love getting sealed for eternity. I always love temple sealings because its so romantic that we don't get married until death do us part but we are sealed for time and all eternity.

It fills me with joy to know that Kyle & I will be with each other forever, because I couldn't possibly live without him in this life or the next.

I am so glad that Collette & Hayden will receive the same blessing and we can all live together forever as a family.

Its always nice to go to the temple to feel closer to my Heavenly Father but weddings are especially special because we always feel like our Dad is there too, sitting in the sealing room and smiling happily along side us all.

I am very thankful that Mum & Dad had the courage (as first generationers) to be sealed, meaning that even though we have spent a small time apart while we are still on earth and he is with the man upstairs --we will be able to see Dad again.


Welcome to the family Hayden! You're stuck with us forever.. hahahaha

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Kimberley Pappas said...

Mmmm lovely snack boxes. Beautiful bride & groome. Well done to helping make there day extra special. :-D