Friday, January 13, 2012

Day #1 { SUNDAy 18th DEC }

After the wedding of the century we headed off to Cairns on our once in a lifetime (never do it again ever) road trip. We decided to go the coastal way... all they way up.

 (48 hours worth of driving actually)

To kick off the trip we took the Queenscliff to Sorrento ferry.

It was a bit rainy, but the ride was only about 30 mins. We have never been on it.. to be honest it wasn't that exciting and the food was a little pricey (and not very nice) but it was a good way to kick off our adventure as the "official" start.

When we got to Sorrento we drove to visit Steph and Whitty in Rosebud -  (sorry forgot to get  a pic!)

They have just started renovating their own place, it was so nice to visit some friendly faces. A perfect start to our holiday!

Then it was off to Marlo where we were camping the night. (5 hrs away)

We were suppose to get into Marlo about 5 pm but the whole morning just ran away from us when we were packing and we ended up arriving at a sneaky 8.00 pmish.

I liked the idea that it didn't really matter what time we got in because there was no check-in!

On the way we grabbed some vegetarian pizza, yummm... Can't remember where we got it from but we were so hungry anything would've tasted good..

 (the camp site at Marlo... the white patch)

In the morning I got Kyle to take piccies off the set up, I made bug proof window coverings so we could have a little cross ventilation. We had the bubble on the car for storage, the tent at the back held all our "stuff" and we slept on custom cut foam in the back of the car (the seats fold down)

 Boy slept on his custom made (by me) hammock, which sat snugly between the dash and front seats.

 I also made a little divider so he couldn't see us..

The first night was a success for Boy.

Didn't at all make him crazy... ok maybe a little crazy -- perhaps he knew what was still to come..


melandpeter said...

I love Bastian sleepy and crazy face in the last 2 pics! Can't wait to hear more details when I see you guys in person but I'm staying tuned for more posts :-)

Wheeler Team said...

The set up looks good. Looks like you thought of everything! I love the look in that last pic!!

Spencer and Mackenzie said...

you are so brave!! what a great start - can't wait to hear about the rest!