Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day #2 {Monday 19th}

After our first night we picked up some MUCH needed essentials from your friendly local IGA before heading off to Eden (2 hrs away)

(below: our itinerary for the day)

In no time at all we were in NSW

Then we were in Eden. 

We purchased THE most expensive box of nutri grain from a Matilda Servo & headed off to the killer whale museum.

Where we learnt about the special relationship between the killer whales and the whalers in the area.

The killer whales would help round up the whales for the whalers to kill and in return the whalers would let them eat the tongue of the dead whale before hauling it in.
Apparently whale tongue is a killer whale delicacy..

(below: humpy the killer whale)

When you have children you never have any time to yourself...even when going to the loo. I think by this time, Boy and I had started to become quite the connoisseurs of public toilets.

(above: Eden Killer whale museum toilets)

Afterwards we drove to Bega.

    • We ate astronomical amounts of free cheese.. bought a grater to 
      ease our guilt and ate lunch as a picnic with a Mummy Magpie.

      Our next stop was 18 hours away, we decided to drop in on 
      Kyle's brother in Stanwell Park to break the trip up a little (ETA 
      10 pm)

      On the way to Stanwell park we hit a massive rain storm, it was 
      so bad we had to pull over because we couldn't see.

      As we were driving off, after the rain had dissipated slightly
       there was a massive thud on the roof of the car. I thought a 
      branch had dropped down or that it had been a hail ball. 

      When we pulled up at the next service station- Kyle was filling 
      up the car and decided to check if it had done any damage.

      It was then that he saw a tiny bat, wings caught up in the roof 

      So our first road kill of the trip was a small bat... technically 
      it hit us.

      not this kind...the REAL bat kind

      After a quick visit with Ryan we were off again, next stop 
      Byron Bay.

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