Monday, January 16, 2012

DAY #3 {Tuesday 20th}

We drove and we drove and we drove some more.. all night and most of the day.

Then we were in the tropics

*n.b: the tropics in Aus smell a little like Thailand less the stinky sewer smell.

Just passing through..
 ·  · 

 We saw some big things (the banana Boy was particularly interested in..)


The big crayfish..

 Finally we arrived at our destination. Wooyung Holiday Park (only about an hour outside of QLD)

We had crossed the entire state of NSW in one HUGE effort..

We took a much needed afternoon to reset, rest and play.

 We saw our first tropical sized lizard & found a cicada skin..thing?

and had our first dinner on the new camp oven.

It seemed like our holiday was really beginning to start. (well the relaxing bit anyway)

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