Monday, January 16, 2012

DAY # 4 {Wednesday 21st}

The following day we had a BIG sleep in, and lazed about camp for a while before heading off..

We said goodbye to our tropically lizard friend..

Then jumped in the car ready to go. We drove past a road side fruit shop on the way in so on the way out we stopped to get some tropically tropic fruit from it.

One of the ones we chose we had never seen before, it actually looked quite nice! But it smelt and tasted a little like sweaty feet.. you'll know what I mean if you've had dragon fruit before.

Needless to say, the rest of this one was flung out for the birds!

Pretty soon we were crossing over the border and we were suddenly in QLD!

We headed off to Bleeding Heart to check out some of our booqi range-- which they stock.

Then caught up with one of our favourite QLDers at Fiasco's-- they have REALLY nice steaks. If you're ever in QLD we suggest heading over that way.

(sorry forgot to get a photo again!)

Figured out that we had been an hour ahead since crossing the boarder..

(I put $4.00 in the meter for 2 hrs, checked the time it spat out and thought it had duped me $2.00 because it had only given me an hour for parking, suddenly realised that we hadn't changed our clocks back an hour ! )

Then it was off to Harbour Town  for some serious retail therapy.

Before heading to Aunty M's & Uncle P's for the night.


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