Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 5 {Thursday 22nd}

The next morning we relaxed in the cool of Aunty M's house before heading off to the heat of Australia Zoo. (well Australia in general)

warning: some BAD pictures of Kyle coming up..

After driving for approx: 2 hrs we landed at Australia Zoo.

After a little confusion over which carpark to choose (there was about 3 HUGE overflow carparks)
we settled on going with "the closest to the entrance"

(seriously? what a job! feeding the crocs)

touching a piggy tail.. so soft.

 kissing the resident goats..

 Crikey! good hops Mr A.

 Whats all this lazing about?!

what a squinting hottie..

off on safari.. "looks its a deer! a john deer!"

teenie tiny me. on safari.

We enjoyed Australia Zoo so much we stayed right up until they kicked us out.

I'm not particularly sure if I enjoyed the shrine to Steve and I felt a little disenfranchised by what seemed to be a memorial to him. I found it a little unsettling that he was being "plugged" even after he had died. But I suppose it was his legacy and it is his zoo..

We spent so long at Australia Zoo we didn't have time to drive to our designated camp site (an hour away at Obi Obi) so we stayed in the national park (Beerburrum) near Beerwah which was only about 5 minutes away instead.

(Above, the camp spot)

The Coochin Creek camping area was probably one of the nicest we had stayed in, with great amenities  & it was only $10.00 for the night! (we love our state forests!)

I was a little jealous of the grey nomads with their solar panels and hot water systems at this point, I was missing the shower at Aunty M's considering it had been such a stinking hot day I couldn't wait to have a shower..within the next 4 days maybe?

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