Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 6 { Friday 23rd December}

By Christmas Eve Eve, the heat had obviously started to take its toll on the VERY tired A-team.

The Zip on the tent broke the night before and we spent most of the morning trying to fix it/sewing it up so that the rain wouldn't get in at our next camp site.

I was seriously considering packing it all in and going home at this point (considering how tired we all were from the wedding/driving through the night less than 5 days before -- plus I hadn't showered in a WHOLE day.)

Then there was a glimmer of light on the way to our next destination by way of nutworks!

Sour Cream & Onion Macadamias from Nutworks! Yummmm
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   This place seriously had EVERY kind of Macadamia coated in brilliant combinations of herbs/sweetie spices.

   After scoffing a few hundred free samples we went away with some much needed chocolate, and some Sour Cream & Onion Macadamias. YUM!

We took it upon ourselves to go to Bundaberg to find the original peachee. When we found that they had indeed replaced 
it with a new recipe we let the cashier know that the new peachee was a disgrace. (because the cashier changed the recipe right?)

Then is was off to the laundromat...

Watching Doctor Horrible — with Kyle  atLaundromat.

Local business

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6 months ago I booked a Mon Repos turtle conservation tour. Coincidentally we were the numbers 00, 01, 02 in the First group -- the perks of being organised!

We lathered ourselves in Aero guard - watched half an educational movie outside before it started raining. Went to purchase some ponchos and found there were only collingwood ones left! (ew) Purchased them against all our better judgements. 

Went down to the beach the first time and a group of Asians got too close and scared the first turtle off.

Went down the the beach a second time and at 10.00pm saw...

Loggerhead turtle number k91532  laying her second clutch for the season.

It was HUGE, and the eggs were kinda like ping pong balls that bounced back when you dented/touched them.

Then the scary night time/axe murderer adventure began.

We jumped back in the car (by this time about 10.45pm) and headed to our next camp.

It had been raining on and off all night, there were no signs to our camp site. 
We managed to drive 10 minutes up a random dirt (mud) road before changing direction because we were worried we would be bogged (in the middle of no where) at 11.20 at night... we were drifting scarily along it and had a few close calls.

We had actually driven about 20 minutes past our turn off and turned down the wrong road! (lucky we didn't get bogged)

From this experience I say, the national parks need better signage to camp sites! Oh and sorry to the farmer whose road we totally destroyed with skidding tyre marks.

After we FINALLY found our camp
 (we were beginning to realise if you are only going to pay $10 to camp you needed to drive a fair way into each national forest ... and you couldn't depend on there being any signage until you arrived at the camp site at the end of some dirt track -- thanks goodness for google maps, not for directions, so that I could see if there was a legitimate sized clearing to guess if that was a camp site!)

We arrived at Norval Park Camp ground. Set - up.. bed. 

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Wheeler Team said...

Starting to sound like real camping to me now; the highs and lows! Love the turtle experience!