Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 10 (27th December)

4 hrs from the Whitsundays the A-team was finally introduced to Townsville.

We drove to the top of the hill and we drove back down again..
(we saw plenty of other people marching to the top but who can be bothered right?)

 which is my best side?

 And Bastian ate his washable marker on the way to camp because he absolutely couldn't wait for dinner...

Dinner was our family favourite-- Fettucine carbonara. (My last supper of sorts)

I actually made Carbonara for everyone last week after we got back but couldn't bring myself to eat it.

That night the 24 hr bug finally hit me. (You see it had been so long (well two days really) since the others had it I thought I had been exempt)

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