Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 9 (boxing day)

There was no shopping for us on Boxing day in the packed streets of Melbourne Town.

Instead we were off to Mackay (only an hour away)

For a swim at the lagoon.

This place is FREE and seriously fun. Even better, there were showers!

We broke the shower drought !!

 I will say my hair held up pretty well for not being washed for 4 days..

But I am super grateful for showering.

Then we were off again, seeing the sights on the way to the Whitsundays.

We arrived, at the backpackers right on Airlie beach (our first of the trip)

 showered again (just to make sure we were clean still)

Then wandered around looking for something to eat which didn't involve me cooking..

We found Cactus Jacks.

It was good nosh for the hungry travellers.

N.b: don't assume when you are staying inside you don't need to put aero guard on.

Because I didn't, the night in the backpackers was one of the worst mozzie biting frenzy nights I had on the whole trip.

Although not as bad as that day (same time last year) when Collette made us go on a train ride for her birthday..


Kimberley Pappas said...

Yay you checked out the lagoon. I miss our free lagoon. Although Darwin has even better ones they are not as pretty. Enjoying the stories :-D some sound shockingly familiar..

Collette said...

Whatever it was amazing an hilarious well worth the bites!