Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Saturday Picnic with the Turners

Saturday before last we headed to the water front for some picnicing.

We grabbed some yummy pizzas from our local crust store.

 These photos from POP photography (and all good photos following)

While we were sitting on the green eating Kyle realised we needed to put money in the meter for car parking -- naturally he walked over to the car thinking he had some change in his wallet but when he realised he didn't have any he turned and called out.

I grabbed a two dollar coin from my wallet and threw it over to him (unfortunately due to my lack of throwing skills/un-coordination) the coin landed just shy of his feet. 

Before he had time to bend over and pick it up, the flock of seagulls which had been hassling us for scraps flew over to the coin. 

There was a scuffle - most of the older birds realised it wasn't food and just flew off again but a baby seagull snapped it up and grasped it in its beak.

Horror! (considering it was the only coinage we could find at that moment) thankfully Kyle -- being the pest controller he is,  was in hot pursuit.

The seagull had other ideas and started to run off when suddenly Kyle took his thong off and K.O'd it. (obviously need throwing lessons from Hubby )
feathers flew up everywhere and there were a few disapproving stares. (It had my $2 coin ok!)

Stunned the seagull got up and flew off, probably with the coin in its stomach since we still couldn't find it. (like accidental swallowage)

From there the day just seemed to get crazier..

NEXT: it was off to the merry-go-round

Boy was a little sad at first which is probably due to his grumpiness from missing out on a whole nap rather than being scared considering we go on it all the time because parents with children only pay for the child they are riding with which means its only $3.60!!

Then we were off to take some photos on the pier..

WHEN: I decided I wanted one with us sitting down over the edge - so we start to organise ourselves and Boys thong "plops" into the water below!

horror! (I had spent weeks looking for little thongs that fit and looked nice/supported his little feet and settled on special thongs made in N.Z that had been medically tested for support (meaning they were $25.00 for the pair)

We watched it in shock while it serenely floated out to sea.

I turned to Kyle and said you have to get it.

He agreed, stripped down to his tightey whiteys, and jumped in.

He is SO practically gallant huh?

It was and still is one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed.

Luckily the pier we were on was NOT the main pier and there wasn't anyone around -- also luckily we timed the re-dressing so well that as he was zipping up is fly a family on bikes road around the corner and onto the pier. hahahhaa

After he had retrieved the thong and I had safely stowed it away we took some famiweee shots.

Then it was off to the Ferris Wheel...

 Spud & Jools.. cuties!

 The view of Gee from the top..

The scary ferris wheel.. creaky, non door locking ferris wheel.

We had such an awesome day with the Turners, we are always going to be in for a treat when Kyle starts to undress..

- Thanks for putting up with our craziness!


Collette said...

I lolled so much when I read this post... Much better descriptions than of ure holiday... I could totally picture Kyle getting after the bird with u yelling at him to get ure two dollars and then stunned silence and gasping from the crowd as he knocks the bird down with one fatal throw of the thong... Priceless!

Chelsea Parsons said...

he he he, awesome! Loved that!

Simone Triffitt said...

Ha ha that would have been a picnic not to miss. The Turners look so cute together too.