Monday, January 23, 2012

Wednesday 11th January

On the Wednesday A.H (after holiday) I had the privilege of going to see two of my Besterest friends in the whole world get sealed in the temple.

I arrived (a little early) to pick one of my other bestest friends Milly up.

The bridal party.

sneaky candid shot..

The gorgeous guest book.

The Happy Couple.

I have had the pleasure of knowing these two since we were knee high to grass hoppers. (Well Rach & I were, I doubt Dig ever was..)

I can still remember walking home from school with Rach and plotting for a new school bag.. talking on Milly's lounge room floor about boys.. daring Dig to vs me in a pounder (burger) eating contest and just generally sharing years of love with these two.

Congratulations love birds!


I am in love with this book I got Boy for Chrissie.

Its a pop up book on temples..

check it out here

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ellygrant said...

Oh wow! I love the girls' dresses, and the men's suits and ties. Looks so fresh and summery.

That's all. Hi Jess! Yes I read your blog, love it :-) xx