Thursday, February 09, 2012

Funk Funkety Funk

To be honest with you I have been in a bit of a post holiday funk.

Its seemed as if the whirrling ball of life had come to a grinding halt after being so fast paced in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

I have a LOT of bored photobooth pictures accumulating.

(just realised I really should start making my bed in the morning)

I am pretty sure Boy experiences the same thing on the train..

(train funk)

It seemed as if this particular post holiday funk was going to be a hard one to shake.

The weekend before last I contracted the flu and I lay in bed ALL weekend just to show HOW sick I really was and only just made it to church on Sunday (begrudgingly) dragging my heels the entire way.

Usually when  I am getting down in the funk I make a change.. which usually means  
A) I write a monumentally HUGE list of things I have been putting off forever. or
  B) get a hair cut/colour.


Its the hair cut cures which have led me into into some hideous situations..

I am pretty sure that crazy reds are not going to cut it when I am trying to capture the demure of Audrey Hepurn ..

And the lists .. well, they are just plain ridiculous...and very LOONG

(above, non funk list size)

The day after Australia Day I woke up and went on facebook only to be shocked with the sudden death of a friends Husband. Her Son had passed away only 4 months prior. I was devestated to hear the news and booked a flight to Tasmania that afternoon to attend the funeral.

Now I was in Tasmania (still in a funk) with a funeral to attend and the 10 year anniversary of my own Fathers death coming up.

I called Hunna and gave him the compulsary funk talk (the one where I complain about how he ruined my life) It was starting to look like a 1950's horror movie and I played the creature.

On Tuesday at the funeral when Lisa was giving the Eulogy for Aaron she said something that made me start to think.

On the day that Aaron passed away we spent some time at Binalong Bay.  The weather turned bad but that didn’t stop him from spending ages in the water, jumping the huge waves with my brothers and brother in law Alex, until me and my sister Nicki decided to join them.

I don’t often go swimming in the ocean as I find it too cold, but for some reason that day I just decided to run into the water and join him jumping in the waves.  After a while I started getting cramp in my leg, so decided it was time to get out, and so did Aaron, but after a while he ran back in with Alex.  It was very windy and rainy and the kids were all freezing on the beach, so we decided it was time to pack up and go. Everyone kept telling them to get out of the water, but Aaron decided that he wasn’t keen on getting out and gave us all the forks to tell us that he wasn’t getting out. 

He said to Alex that you can’t waste that kind of day as the next day the waves mightn’t be so big

I decided instead of colouring my hair a crazy colour - or writing monumentally HUGE lists of things to do and not doing them. Instead of giving Hunna the proverbial funk whinge. I am not going to worry about the ALWAYSERS so much.

I can't always have everything clean or tidy, I cant always be the Mum, wife, cook, cleaner, doctor, entrepreneur that I want to be.

Instead I can choose to make the small things count.

Because tomorrow the waves might not be so big.

Jess x


Wheeler Team said...

I liked this post Jess, my saying is, Dont sweat the small stuff! :) Same dealxx

The Kings said...

LOVE :) I was so touched that you came down to Aaron's funeral Jess. I had just said to Simone the day before I should send you the link to watch it and she told me you were already in Tassie :)

Don't waste the big waves that's for sure :)


melandpeter said...

I hear you. Had many a 'funk' this year. It's been you that's helped me through many of them you know. Love ya heaps hun. xx