Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Shenanigans

Oh Valentines, how I love thee...

How could a girl be more spolit than waking up to this?

"Only the breast for Mumma"
served by my little waiter.

Chicken Breast, Avacado and eternity mayo swirls on toast.

Until the waiter got tired of holding the plate and threw it all on the ground, oh well - maybe next year I'll be able to eat my brekkie!

After I was presented with some beautiful pink roses and a rather interesting message dictated by Hunna and sent by Siri. 

I ran some errands and was surprised with a special family outing. Of the outdoors kind..

Jazz packing. (It amazes me how much we can fit in this car)

Even Cocoa got to enjoy a few hours with us on the river. Of course, Kyle paddled the "gondola" while I relaxed in the back with Boy. (couldn't take the camera on the river, too risky!) but we floated through some lilypads and pointed at birds and laughed and sang to our hearts content.

Ok, really when they say don't work with children or animals (who says that?) Well, whoever they were, they were right. I didn't relax at first because Boy was being choked by his life vest every time he sat down and ended up lying on top of me with half his little face poking out of the top before he figured out he could stand up and not fall out or be bothered by the vest.

Then Cocoa was looking like she was about to drown because she was having so much fun she refused to paddle to the side and walk down the bank. I think she went under a couple times before deciding it was time to give it a rest!

On the way back the current was strong and it kept taking the back of the 'gondola' out from us which left us spinning in the middle of the river. It actually took twice as long to "float/spin" back down the river than it did to paddle into the current up river. There were professional rowing teams practicing on the river and I am pretty sure they were wondering what we were doing.

At one point (they were being coached by a man in a speed boat with a loud speaker) he remarked "the best seats in the house, and the tickets are free" as we, flounder/floated away trying to look pro but failing miserably.

After a fun afternoon we went home and put the boy to bed (and the dog, also exhausted).

Before heading out to dinner at Lamby's.

Suiting up.

(above) practicing seagull impersonations.

The Valentines outfit. Note: firehosiery stockings. yipee..

The menu

The ambiance

The food.

Thanks for being me Valentine boys.

ex oh ex oh

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