Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wangling Life

Down with the funk and up with the small things.

Things I am crushing right now.

Will & Boy sharing bestie time together.

Hunna spending special time with Boy.

My favourite swim activity, walk the plank.

Macarons - Please Please may I have 10 EVERY day.

Strawberry & Cream Macaron = Delicious! 

Boy learning to ride a bike

OK, so we taped his feet to the pedals - how else could we teach him!?

Catching pre-caught snakes in the back yard and being brave enough to photograph it so we can identify it.

Playing super hero's

swoooosh.... (yeah, I made that cape.)



Wheeler Team said...

Love the cape! And the taping the feet to the pedals, he is growing up so fast. Sounds like you are wangling like very well xx

melandpeter said...

Naw. how cute are our men!! loving the cape clever woman! Boy seems to absolutely love it too :-)