Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Celtic Nights

(had to add this pic of boy in the head gear! Minnie carpenter in the making-- watch out girls)
n.b: if you look quickly past this pic it looks like he is flipping the bird, just sayin.

The week before last we went to the ward Celtic Night.

 I wish I got a picture of the groupies (the band actually had groupies wearing Om Doru t-shirts)

I threw my bra at them.. ok, I didn't but they were hot for old men right?

A wee leprechaun was the presenter for the evening..

Ok its my father-in-law disguised as a wee leprechaun.. 

Ok, OK - hes not a leprechaun are you happy?!

There was eating and singing and dancing.

Until we all collapsed onto each other exhausted and headed home at 8pm (what! I'm an old man now ok!!)

As a side note, I cannot understand scottish. Even if it is a base level of English. who says A F R I C A N like efreikenng anyway!

This makes living with hunnas scottish parental (#uno- above) a constant comedy..

EXOH- oh oh 

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Nettie's Blog said...

love the Celtic music...yeah..looks like Boy loves it too...XXXXX