Saturday, March 03, 2012

to the Sky

February 20th saw us off to Tasmania again for Opa's funeral and this time a visit to Launceston.

Boy is an ipad wizz, I am glad because it keeps him entertained in some pretty tight situations (on the plane/in a funeral) -- I would say the ipad is the best investment we have made technically!

Some things we love/d about Tasmania:

Boy has fun with the cousins

da boys

Boys eye bump

When we were are the supermarket he walked into the side of a trolley- It was hilarious until I realised he actually could've lost an eye! oops.

Mums crazy fruit eating dog

 Pepper eats the pears that have fallen from the tree in the back yard. If you have a raspberry bush she will eat them all up too. weird!

Visiting Mum, who lives in Bridport

(thats here for all you Mainlanders)

 We also LOVE going to the beach. Ok, when I say LOVE  I mean. I sorta like it and Boy sorta likes it

I don't touch any sand -I actually hate, hate having dirty sandy hands.

We soak up the sun

Boy wears his shoes - he hate, hates the feel of sand on his feet.

he poses..

I take pictures of cute foot prints (before hastily putting our shoes back on)

(took me 10 minutes to convince Boy to walk this far with bare feet)

We look at the rock pools because I'm not game enough to touch it and Boy won't do it without someone to show him .. where is Dadda when we need him?!?

And just generally monkey around - until boy falls in the water and (self initiated) heads back to the car because he is over it.

but we make the best of a bad situation don't we! hahahaha

Couldn't leave without showing you the amazing milk moustache Boy created one afternoon.

kissable right?

Then is was back to the airport with snacks in hand.

(Notice the first and last picture - its like a book end - I am feeling super smart today.)

Also, when we go anywhere I am beginning to feel like I am not there... and as there are no pictures to prove it. Perhaps - really, Boy took himself to Tasmania for the week?

Note to self: include pictures of self in next holiday - or just in general.


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