Thursday, March 08, 2012

Baby Shower

Phew! Am I catching up on the blogging?

Last Friday (after the One Direction saga ) we had a baby shower for some new yummy mummy's who have just moved into our ward.

I was assigned decorations and food. Each of us also took a pressie for when the baby's arrived.

(sorry about the bad photo's I was too tired to bother adjusting camera settings)

(nappy cakes, made my me)

Nappy cakes look simple but are super hard unless you have four hands (which most of us don't)

But after some coaxing Hunna helped me on the second cake. I love doing girly stuff with my man, I don't think anything makes him sexier than when he is holding a wee baby or wrapping pink ribbon around a present. sigh... if only he'd let me put make-up on him ;)

Naturally I HAD to make martha stewart poms (click the link for the super easy tutorial) I also made some girly bunting to be hung around about in sewing last week.

I also made Strawberry Cupcakes from Pinterest
 (These cupcakes use real strawberries and taste absolutely delicious!)

And white chocolate mousse cups (coloured pink for the occasion)

We played games and stayed up REALLY late (I felt so naughty) and just generally had an awesome girly time.

Yay for baby showers and wittle babes!

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