Monday, March 05, 2012

One Direction & Emawwee

This is Emily.

She is pretty much famous beccause I did a whole series with her as the subject back at Uni..

Miss Em has direction infection. For you non directioners that means she has a shrine to this band plastered all over her bedroom wall. Which also means Taylor Lautner (previous shrine) got shifted to the sin bin.

With Lyrics like " you don't know you're beautiful, That what makes you beautiful" I can see why she is swooning all over this cheesy modern boy band.

So One Direction are dipping their toes into Australian Waters this April and are performing 4 shows only. (For the WHOLE of Australia) One in Brisbane & Melbourne and two in Sydney.

When I find this out I figure A) it will be VERY hard to get tickets and B) there will be alot of directioners disappointed.

Tickets for Sydney and Melbourne went on sale at 9am last Friday and tickets for Brisbane went on sale 10am our time (9am Brisbane time)

I knew, considering, how many 13-19 year old girls there are with direction infection that finding the "cure" was going to be difficult.

All reports said that tickets would sell out within 54 seconds of going on sale.

I also knew that the Ticketek website (where the tickets were going to be sold from) regularly blocked you out when the server is too busy.

Each session on Ticketek lasts 12 minutes. This gives you 12 minutes to sign in, get seats and pay. Which usually isn't a problem. But when you want your session to still be logged in at 9am and give you enough time to pay etc. it gets tricky. Because no matter where you are in the process, if you don't have confirmation it will log you out and you will loose your tickets..

I would assume some people thought they would just log on at 9am and get tickets that way.

However, I logged on at 8.50am on my iphone giving me exactly 2 minutes after 9 am to grab seats and pay.

The website on the computer was all-ready blocking me because the server was too "busy" in this case you just have to keep hitting refresh ( I never actually logged on through the computer)

So the phone was the go.

I set up the clock so it was exact to the second. Selected "best seats available" and "2" for how many I wanted.

At exactly 9am I hit "purchase".

The phone loaded for an eternity and then said "seats for your selection have been exhausted' which meant -- no seats!!

They literally sold out within 2 seconds/on the first click!

I knew how disappointed Miss Em would be, I text her and knew she was holding back tears while trying to finish a Maths Test back in Tassie.

My heart was broken because I thought I had given myself the best possible chance of getting tickets and really believed it could be done. (even though I had warned Miss Em the chance was slim)

I had a cry (n.b: when booking tickets remember to wear waterproof mascara next time)

Then hopped in the shower.

Where as it happens, I do my deepest thinking about "One Direction" tickets. haha

I realised there was a second chance but it would only be possible if flights to Brisbane were cheap enough to permit a day trip.

I jumped out of the shower  threw on some clothes, checked flight prices from Melbourne to Brisbane (exhilarated that they were going for as little as $59) and was in position at 9.45am to try again.

Again the computer was blocking me out but eventually the phone let me through at 9.55am. This time at 10am I would have 7 minutes left on my session, what luck!

I lined up the time to be exact to the millisecond. Clicked "best seats available" and selected "2" again.
this time at 10am the phone loaded and came up with 2 tickets in section s18!

We did it! We got tickets to one direction and on the floor! I danced around a bit, purchased them with insurance (knowing I would never ever want to lose them) and proceeded to tell one very happy Tasmanian!

Later I checked what the prices were going for on ebay, Ticket prices ranged from $2000 to $16000!!

I think hearing Miss Ems excitement about not only seeing One Direction but heading to Brisbane too was worth all the money in the world.

When we get there next April the experience will be priceless.

So I suppose I better buy the C.D?

Love you Emawee x


Wheeler Team said...

Your a great Aunty Jess! Emily is still walking around on cloud 9 with the biggest dreamy smile :) It'll definitely be an experience that she'll remember forever.

The Kings said...

WOW!! Do you win Best Aunty award or what!! Lucky Em.

Emawwee said...

i still cant beleive it!!!!! :D thankyou so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx