Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ian Potter Gallery

The other week Wednesdays with Will turned into a Tuesday with Will.

We met up and all went in to have a look at the gallery.

We ended up at the Ian Potter Gallery (because the NVG is closed on Tuesdays) in the kids section and the boys played and played.

It was actually a really good place for them to explore (after the stinky rough kids had left)

(Besties helping each other through the tunnel)

weird turtles on the wall..

the stripey rainbow entrance..

There were some Japanese tourists around as we walked through the gallery. Mel speaks Japanese and told me that they were saying our kids are cute. So I suppose they're cute in several languages then ;)

When we were in the elevator we shared it with 3 Japanese women and I think they were quite surprised when Mel started talking to them! So nice to have a bi-lingual spy!

Thanks for playing guys!

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