Saturday, March 24, 2012

Photo Round-Up..

A few things have been happening around here..

Turns out I am excellent at the claw when we go to the movies and am rather happy with my penguin win.

Boy is obsessed with taking his clothes off -- He will point at his t-shirt and pull it up to let you know he doesn't want it on anymore. Then he will continue to point and pull on different items of clothing until there is nothing left on.

(I don't mind because he is so darn cute eating his breakfast nude)

We love his new lumberjack hat.

Eating Nando's for a special treat

Helping with the piling it around himself.

A family hat obsession is occurring since we are going into colder weather.

Boy has a new scarf ready for winter..(ok not really happy to wear it just yet)

His obsessions don't stop at being naked. He is also obsessed with "shoeses" (his word for shoes) I keep reminding him that shoe is singular and shoes is the plural but he looks at me as if to say "whatever Mum"

The other week we bought his favourite "shoeses" his new gumboots, now he must wear them everywhere. (mostly the rest of him is naked except for the gumboots)

He is climbing the ladder in the pantry and opening sauce lids and the like to taste. Last time he found the honey and now he is in LOVE.

Finally getting his cup full of honey to eat to his hearts content.

exety oh ex OH


Emily Wheeler said...

you know who else likes Nandos?? NIALL!!!

Spencer and Mackenzie said...

I miss that little guy!!! Too funny that he likes to rock life in the nude, makes me laugh. And let's see, how to say adventure in american? Maybe adventurrrrrrre? Just remember, hard R and you can't go wrong with the american accent, haha

Nettie's Blog said...

all grown up ...wonder if he will go all shy when you show the rudey nudey shot at his wedding reception...he he!!! lovely precious moments captured there it that you and Mel get together with the special for you all... just like home but with add ons...XXX