Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The last few years have been a bit of a roller coaster for our little family.

I am thinking back on all of the things that happened. (one thing in particular catches my attention)

If you don't know, in the last round of signing everything off for the house last year the owners decided to re-negotiated and raise the price $5k. Its not much in the scheme of house purchases but to us, it meant no approval from the bank. No home-loan and inevitably no house. It was a devastating blow for our self-esteem. We had worked so hard and it seemed from that point on everything was spiraling downward (slowly) but surely.  

Until last week when Hunna (with only 16 months left on his apprenticeship; at a time when we finally felt like we were on the home-stretch to financial and family freedom) found out that he would be redundant within the fortnight.

We have made so many sacrifices as a family to further his education so he could become a carpenter and been disappointed in so many ways, but we never realised that the series of unfortunate events would result in a stall in the plan to get him qualified.

If I had been where I was about 6 months ago I am sure that the knowledge would have ruined me.

However the last month we have had some enormous learning experiences and in spite of my frustration I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of relief.

If we had purchased a home the news we heard last week would have meant the decision between food on the table or a roof over our heads. We would not have been able to provide a solution to both necessities for very long at all.

Instead we are, thankfully, somewhat protected by the enormous generosity of Hunnas' parents and the support they have lent us in the last three years.

Instead we have no financial responsibilities and a home to live in until we can truly be in the place we need to be.

I have a deep gratitude for a Heavenly Father, who despite my pleading and tantrums did what he knew would be best for us in the long run.

I'm sure we will find our little bluestone cottage someday and it will be all the more sweet.


The Kings said...

oh I'm sorry that Kyle doesn't have work right now, but so glad you can also see the blessings :) Hope you are able to be where you need to be really soon xx

Spencer and Mackenzie said...

How frustrating but you've developed such a great perspective on it. It's so crazy to think how all the little things we go through just help us go through the big things with more confidence, faith and optimism. We love you guys and are keeping our fingers crossed something even better comes along for Kyle! Oh and I just learned what redundant means :)

Chelsea Parsons said...

you two are awesome people... in a little while you will be all ok again. xx thinking of you xx

Simone Triffitt said...

Beautiful post Jess - brought a tear to my eye. Love you. xx

Sam and Mariah said...

It is amazing when you look back at, what we think are huge disappointments, only to see that they were great blessings. My whole life has been a little like that. Just goes to show that the Lord loves us all and knows the big picture. The same will be for the redundancy, a blessing often found at the bottom of a scrunched up brown paper bag, and not gift wrapped with a big bow like we would like. I hope the next few months are OK.