Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pizza Party

A couple Fridays ago we had a pizza party (just for girls) at my house.

I set up our outside deck with lanterns and flowers in glass jars.

got the idea from here:

I am in love with pinterest at the moment and all the beautiful ideas that everyone posts/ Its the best to help get some creative juices flowing.

Everyone bought an ingredient pre-chopped (and pre-prepared) in some jars to make the process easier.

We got to making our yummy gourmet pizzas

Once the Pizzas were cooked we went outside to eat by moonlight..

Emily made (her first) meringues. Pistachios, Almond and Plain. We filled jars up with them for a little decoration and to add to our "eaten mess" dessert of caramel cheesecake, flourless chocolate cake, pistachio icecream, ferrero rocher icecream and crunchie ice cream. (home made of course)

The fire and lanterns were lit as the sun went down to create a little warm outdoor space.

Thanks for a fun night girls!

It turns out having a pizza party was the best way to end a pretty yucky week. Thankfully Em arrived that Thursday as well to entertain us and keep our minds off the fact that it was Hunnas last day at work too. 

It almost felt like we were celebrating (in our own way) the end of his employment and shaking off the shackles as we helped each other get ready for that night.

Thankfully, Hunna had an idea and whipped across the road to another building site and scored 10 days labour from the builder over there.

It has definitely softened the blow of unemployment and kept his spirits fairly high.


Spencer and Mackenzie said...

How fun, I wish I cold have been there!!!

melandpeter said...

It was such a great night Jess. I need to get those recipes from you so I can make them with Pete. The set up was Ahhmazing!! x