Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Driving Range and Such

Earlier that day:

Pick the chinese cabbage. Could the grocers please label them a little better next time or separate them at least so I don't have to text Coll to ask her which is the actual chinese cabbage.. (also could you update your blog! its been 2 months all ready the honeymoon is over!)


Every now and then we like to pretend we can play golf..better yet, we like to pretend we can even hit a golf ball off the tee.

What better occasion than to take our new visitor down to the driving range and play a game of "who can hit the ball closest to that rock"
However, our usual game sort of turned into "who can avoid being hit by Em's stray golf balls"
not as fun but just as funny.

Half time (Boy decides to be ball boy and collect more balls so we can continue playing when the bucket has run out) all I can say is: what a legend..

The following day after Emily took me on a 10k bike ride which nearly killed me. We went to Tree House. While we waited for the tour to commence we played in the park across the road.

Emily was trying to help me get some momentum and managed to push me off (down?) the non-slide. (note non slidey object in background) I over corrected, thought I'd corrected and landed twisting my ankle.

It was pretty hilarious. Thanks for the push Em.

(should've realised straddling a plastic slide that doesn't have sides would end in disaster! Its all fun and games until someone gets hurt..usually me - although apparently its ok if you're between 5 & 12)

Boy will be starting day care one day a week.. (starting on his Birthday, which is coming up mighty quickly!)

After pointing at all the "babies" in day care we took a trip down to the library- I think Boy will really like it in the Tree House (And I will too.. considering everything is provided so all I have to do is drop him off)

What will I do with myself for a WHOLE day without Boy? Probably get a job to pay the $89 it costs for him to be there.. thank goodness for Gov. rebates. This gets me to thinking about how much it costs a family for a whole week at day care! Crikey!

Later that day we painted our sign ready for the One Direction concert the next day. 

for all you non-directioners is says "Baby you light up my world like nobody else"

 (imagine Harry Styles singing it solo.. sigh)

woo hoo - the 1D blog post is next!!

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Chelsea Parsons said...

That's fun you get a whole day to yourself. I have Rosie in childcare 2 days and it costs A LOT! Looking forward to free Kinder next yr!