Thursday, May 03, 2012

One Direction Live (& other Brisbane wanglings)

So we caught the plane to Brisbane on the first Wednesday after Em arrived.

Hired a car and hit the road - destination Harbour Town

Then we headed over to Aunty Marilyn's to don our concert gear (For Em that meant styling stripes to look  like Louis) before heading off for the One Direction concert!

When we arrived we snavelled up some merchandise and headed to our seats. (not before Em went to the toilet about 10 times. Must've been the excitement!)

There were a few support acts, including justice crew and some guy we couldn't remember the name of.

They threw singlets and sweaty jackets into the crowd-- girls went wild over it and I was just glad we weren't within catching distance. (because seriously who wants to have some guys sweaty underwear thrown onto their head?)

We sat in the second section on the floor. The lighting was backlit so it was really hard to get a photo with just the camera phone ("professional" cameras weren't allowed) 

One girl in the row opposite us had a camcorder and even that was too professional for them and they told her to put it away.

One direction entered after a little summer scene played on the big screen.

I was pretty impressed with their accents, I am still yet to convince Hunna that he needs to speak in a British accent indefinitely..

Here's some of what we saw, I have a few more videos but it takes about 4 hours to upload just one.. any suggestions?

All in all I think we had a pretty good time.
 Some one should've warned me to take earplugs because the screaming literally went for 4 hours--  (in Emily's case) almost asphyxiating herself because there wasn't a breath inbetween screams. 

One Direction performed considerably well given how new they are to the industry and the girls were all in love with them. I was glad that there was a heavy police and security presence so that I felt safe enough not to be trampled /crushed by 10 000 tiny feet in heels when they came onto stage.

They even answered some tweets during the concert in real time from people in the audience which was pretty nice for the crowd.

I think we managed to keep Em's infection down for the four hours we were there, although by the time it ended she was probably more fevered than ever.

More from our days in Brisbane soon.

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