Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Blues Train

Did I forget to mention...

On Friday 25th of May

We braved the cold wintery night air

We ate some (not great) food [ am I just too picky to expect more than plain meat & veg? ] then boarded the train 

& boogied it up on the Queenscliff to Drysdale Blues Train..

We saw Wayne Jury

The Mojo corner

And the Chris Wilson Duo-

Our favourite of the night was Brian Fraser - this guy is a one man band wonder and plays his instruments with all feet and hands going at different times.

There was of course a dance off..

Hunna did get involved at one point as everyone was taking turns dancing off with the other side of the train.. unfortunately blogger wouldn't let me upload that video obviously because it was FAR too hilarious for your eyes..

But you can imagine he pulled out the sprinkler and a couple of other fantastical moves he has been keeping in storage for a while!

(The Dance off line with Hunna at the front..)

Just the two of us.

Thanks Gran and Auldyin for looking after Boy while we boogied and laughed the night away.

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