Monday, July 02, 2012

A blog of Tea

Just a quick blog to share my tea delight.

As a Tasmanian ambassador I wish to inform all Geeites (that is people of Geelong) that I have found and purchased Ashbolt tea in the local area - this information may also be beneficial for any Tasweigans (that is people of Tasmania) who have migrated to mainland Australia.

I attribute my spritely good health and looks to the wonders of the Elderflower.

I now quote (well really copy and paste) from the Ashbolt website.

Health Benefits of the Elderflower

The elder has been used for four thousand years and is reportedly the oldest herb cultivated by man.

Nearly all herbal books refer to the elder as “the medicine chest of the country folk”. Amongst the claims found in a number of herbal and historical references (refer to any herbal history/encyclopaedia) are the following:
  • Traditionally used as a de-tox, to build the immune system by clearing toxins thru the lymph glands.
  • For respiratory problems, elderflower was used to treat asthmatics in the days before “modern” medication; and as an expectorant to clear catarrh.
  • To build up “poorly” people (especially children and the elderly) before winter – as coughs and colds and influenza were killers through a cold European winter.
  • In spring, elderflower concentrate, also known as elderflower cordial, was used to relieve the symptoms of allergies to pollens etc; to reduce the effects of sinusitis.
  • Elderflower tea was used as a blood purifier; and as a tonic or ointment to fade freckles or skin blemishes. Many modern skin tonics still contain elderflowers

(here endeth the copy and pasting)

I got myself some Elderflower concentrate.., yum!! And some Elderberry concentrate. For tea I add about a tablespoon of Elderflower to 250ml of hot water and a slice of lemon or lime (or both if you're keen).

Perfectomundo!! Its winter, (aka Tea season) so grab a cuppa (of herbal tea of course) because its filled with antioxidants and all that good stuff.. like water. sigh.. whose that mug!

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melandpeter said...

mmm might have to invest in some of this. It is really yummy - you made it for me once :-)