Thursday, July 05, 2012

And there will be birds..

Last Saturdee (yes I know I am behind, whats a girl to do?)

after some face touching..

We took a trip to Le Zoo...

When we got to the first exhibit -- we saw a BIRD! a BIRD! (in with the gorillas)

As we were walking along.. we saw a BIRD! a BIRD! (in with the tiger)

then.. more birds! (around the kiosk)

Then, yes, we saw pelicans, fair dinkum zoo exhibited birds... hooray!

The Melbourne Zoo has a fairly new seal exhibit - accompanied with (of course) freaky seaweed that lights up and makes noises. 

The seals even had a wave machine just for their simulated sea playing pleasure.

Best Zoo Bit Ever.

(worst Zoo bit ever, going to the Zoo in Thailand and walking around and seeing a dead domestic cat decaying in one of the exhibits.. but thats another story)


Then on Sunday:

It was ALL about the wise man and the foolish man 

Of course the foolish man built his house on sand..

And the wise man on a rock.

Of course, when the rain came tumbling down (I poured water into a colander with a storm cloud attached to the front) the foolish mans house washed away.


Next week? Giant snakes and ladders I think!

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The Kings said...

lol - isn't it always the way . Glad he enjoyed the birds :)