Wednesday, July 11, 2012

and the post will be LOOOONNG.

 Here are a few things that have been happening in the Shire over the last week..

(so there is a new show on T.V called "the Shire" and I am thinking someone has been reading my blog and STOLE it! .. )

After dining out at our friend B's birthday party and eating amazing mexican goodness, I decided to come home and give our own a whirl. With guacamole and salsa and cucumber and mint yogurt. Nachos and cheese and sweet chilli and sour cream... delicious!! Thanks for the idea B - I am NEVER not EVER buying a nachos pack in a packet again.


Then,  Boy decided to wear his undies on his head instead of his bum & we started (half - heartedly) toilet training.

Half-heartedly because I wanted to do it in summer but he seemed so obsessed with the toilet that I thought we'd give him a chance. We are still in the process of recognising when we "wee".. As in "Oh I wee.. toilet?" rather than " oh toilet... I wee" but we have had a few fluke wee's in the toilet and it gives us enough encouragement to keep trying.


Then on Saturday we took a trip the car..

I found a few artistically taken photo's from Boy of the trip up (to remember the day by, obviously - because his Mumma is slack and didn't take ANY pictures.)

We picked up Daddas new car ("hooray!" I thought. "I have my car back")
{he'd been using mine while he sold his old one}

Then we took a drive into the city to see Annie!

just for Boy.

AND! he LOVED it! // well, he loved the "dog" and when Sandy wasn't on stage kept asking for "amnal" (animal) to come back.

He was so good- sitting, dancing, singing (honestly so cute) and clapping for 3 hours, that we might keep an eye out for more stage productions to take him to now.


Then on Sunday:

I had a talk in sacrament on the commandments. Yeah, you should totally keep those.. just sayin'

Then in primary we played..

 GIANT snakes and ladders 
which Boy & I had made for primary singing time during the week but as Sis G was sick and couldn't take sharing time we ended up playing it the whole time as a combined sharing time and singing time.

SO as a team when they landed on a particular number they either sang ( a pre-allocated) song OR told us about something kind they could do for their families.

We also talked a bit about what the songs we sung mean (as last week was about kindness) to tie it all in together.

phew now that's over I shall blog about my (literally, no exaggeration) near death experience.

Stay tuned.

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