Friday, June 01, 2012


Cape Making

with boy
Boy has been running his little legs off lately. He is an especially good runner..

We decided to make a super cape to encourage some gallantry from our friendly neighbourhood superhero. (aka boy)

We measured his back from neck to toe (just to be sure it was the right size) and made a triangle pattern out of brown paper.

I added shouldery bits to help it sit better on his shoulders and then some special golden cord just right for a little superheroes outfit.
Then overlocked right around the edge so that it would be sturdy and made a little hem all the way around (because I couldn't be bothered lining it) and top stitched.
We appliqued on some awesome superhero felt shapes.

And the man of the house burnt the end of the cord so it wouldn't fray later.

 After the first cape was such a success I thought I would make capes for Nursery (since I am the Primary music leader) now when we go to nursery we are " SUPER " singers and put our capes on to help us sing really loudly. During Primary singing time I also have a "SUPER" helper who wears the cape and helps me as my assistant.

 Then I thought Boy needed some help because he couldn't possibly look after the WHOLE world and sent some capes to America so we could have some American Superhero friends too.




Today we are having a giveaway on our booqi facebook page yeeee x


The Kings said...

Capes in nursery! How awesome is that!!!

Nettie's Blog said...

Wow that is a fantastic Super Hero Cape can do anything now...go Boy Go....