Wednesday, June 06, 2012

the story of MR. Boy (The BEST three years)

I wanted to specifically dedicate another post to the man of my life. MR. Boy or Hunna or the Candy Man or just plain Kyley Kyles.

The last post about Hunna was a little lacking in content although a great shortened version of life events over the last few years..The Unavoidable decline of Mr K's Hair.. but I want to start at the start again (when there was a little more hair on his head) and continue to now.

It was December 2008 when I first laid eyes on him. He was 23 and I was a young sprout of 20.

We met at convention. For all non-'lds'ers that means we met at the meat market. Convention is held most years for all lds young singles (that was us) after Christmas and over New Year. Basically everyone gets together to meet, mingle and strengthen our testimonies of the gospel.

It is the perfect opportunity (especially for Tasmanians who have dated everyone they know (- maybe even some cousins)) to seek ..shall we say? opportunities outside of the state.

I had been to convention two years previous to the 2008 - 2009 Convenny.

That year it was held in Adelaide and I happened to come home after New Years with a new accessory.

Kyle (no middle name) Andrews. At the time I was working 3 jobs and doing summer school so fitting in a part-time boyfriend just added to the hectic fun I was all ready enjoying.

By March all I could think about was THIS and soon my Part-Time boyfriend became a full-time man obsession when he moved down to lil ole Tassie to be nearer his dearest.

By the end of March there was  a little time to blog about our Engagement.

Yes, we met -we wooed, we were in love and all in 3 months. When you know, ya just know..

By May I had purchased my dress. And by June 6th we were Wed.  We don't muck about. We never have. In December of 2009 almost 12 months since we first met we moved to Geelong.

The next two years are a blur of a new baby and life at the Shire but here are a few favourite posts (which may or may not include whinging about being forcibly moved from Tasmania - gah! I love that place)

Dearest Taswegians (the move over)

Hello world. (Boy is born)

Bastians Great Nan (Our first visit, this is so special to me now as she has passed away.)

As I look back over all the things we have done, started & completed in the last 3 years I can't believe we have had any time to sit down at all!

Our life together so far can probably be compared to the names that I have used to refer to Kyle.

When we first met he was Kyle (no middle name ) Andrews. He was, it seemed, the real deal.

Soon after we had been dating a little while he became the Candy Man, because of course, when the ice-cream truck comes to visit life is sweet.

When he moved down I would call him Kyley Kyles to tease him because after one of our first marriage councils with our then Bishop (whose wife is named Kylie) he said shaking his hand "thanks Kyles" and we all cracked up.

When we were married I called him "Honey" but that seemed to looong winded when we moved to Geelong to be calling out over the grassy plains of the Shire. So I started to call him Hunna. I never asked him if he minded, but is suited me - so it stayed.

Now, after having Boy, I sometimes refer to him to others as MR. Boy. So people know we are a family of three now and I suppose that makes me MRS. Boy.

Whatever I call you Hunna, wherever we are. I am so thankful to know you & to have you as mine.


You are my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest.

ex Oh ex


Simone Triffitt said...

Awwwh that was beautifully written!!! You married a very lovely Mr Boy there. Xxxx

Collette said...

Blah...get me a bucket ;) jk...lovely emotive you! Happy anniversary!

Chelsea Parsons said...

sweet post x