Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Slowly Does it..

The other night I woke up from my snuggly dreams to find that my leg/knee was in complete agony.

I couldn't move it or weight bear and worst of all was that I couldn't bend it. I had woken to a little 'pop' and my leg had instantly recoiled.

I really am getting an old woman.

I was lying there, in the dark trying to figure out what to do and finally decided to wake Hunna. Who switched on the light and touched my leg lightly (the sore one!) to which I instantly cried out and told him that was the worst thing he could do..

I have never been in so much pain that I have felt physically ill before, but this was bad. I knew I needed to roll my aching leg over to try and stretch it out but every time I attempted to roll a wave of nausea hit me like a tonne of bricks.

I was grapling for something to vomit in when Hunna handed me of all things an empty Cadbury box, the kind that holds a family sized block of chocolate. The kind that had been ripped in half when hours earlier we had been impatient to snaffle the sweet prize within.

I couldn't help myself, I had to laugh - which hurt my leg but it reminded me of the Green towel incident.

Here's how it goes:

One day after we were newly married we took a trip to visit my sister Collette. She made us promise that we wouldn't do anything intimate in her bed (which she kindly gave up for us to sleep in while we stayed) we promised we wouldn't.. because I honestly couldn't think of anything worse than having your own sister sleeping down the hall. 

Anyway, the next morning Collette got two towels out for us to use and placed them on the kitchen table. One was pink and one was green. I grabbed my towel from the table and headed to the shower.

When I was finished Hunna was ready to go in and Collette reminded him that the green towel was for him.

After he was sufficiently clean and out of the bathroom I noticed that the green towel was still perfectly folded on the kitchen table.

I enquired and he said " I did use the green towel"

To which I replied " Your green towel is still on the table?"

Then he explained that after he got out of the shower there was a green hand towel in the bathroom and he thought that Collette was playing a joke on him.  He didn't want her to get the better of him and decided instead of calling for help he would just use the hand towel and come out triumphant.

Collette and I literally rolled around laughing for hours afterwards.

So here I was, in the throes of pain,  and I couldn't help but laugh my way into an army roll so that I could stretch out my leg.

The last week has been slow moving but I am constantly entertained by Hunna who makes me laugh even when he is absolutely not trying to be funny.

And sometimes when he is..

Sorry for the lack of bloggety blogging over the last week.
Our internet is running excruciatingly slow and I do not have the patience to deal with it.

J x

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melandpeter said...

Love the towel story but what happened to your knee?? You've left me in suspense. Hope you're ok sweetie. We'd have loved to come visit again this week but just aren't going to get there :-( Maybe Monday next week or something...