Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How Now Brown Cow

The other day there was a walk in the park..

I am just about ready to move to Queensland because its not even half way through winter and I am all ready refusing to go outside. Since, in this case, I couldn't refuse... I refused to take the flannie shirt off instead. ( I stole it from Hunna ) and decided to dag it up like a hipster.

I call this look 'taking back control' one flannie at a time.

Of course Boy was rugged up to the nines and didn't feel a thing.

Then later in the week:

We had the family come to visit and we all made pizzas together.

There is nothing I like more than the smell of rising pizza dough & pizza in the oven.. yummo!

Boy and Cuz made their very own pizza with every type of cheese, every type of sauce and every type of meat available.

I will call it the little people meat lovers pizza with the lot. It was delicious!

Oh... and couldn't finish without showing you this sweet pic of the Cousins all together.

J x

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