Sunday, June 17, 2012

Woolie Ford


We dressed up as lumberjacks & headed to the museum(s)

Ok, Boy & Hunna dressed up as lumberjacks & I am just jealous I don't have a flannie.

(packing the nappy bag with tree lopping things, ya know)

Then we tested out our mad skills at The Wool Museum.

Weighed ourselves (Gee Dadda you've put on weight!)

We looked at some rugs being made with a REALLY old machine.

And modelled our outfits on the way to the Ford Museum.

When we got there we had a contest..

Who do you think made the best car of the future?

Also, when you arrive there is a cool certificate which you need to stamp at different activities and at the end you get a special prize for learning so much about Ford.

(Boy waiting for his certificate to be certified and for the prize to be given)

I just realised I hadn't told you about Hunna's new job yet! (Well ...hopefully new job) He has a three month probation period and then we are hoping it will be permanent.

He has officially found new employment with a company in Melbourne and he is really happy with how it is going. SO, when the three months is up we hope they will have liked him just as much as he likes them and then we will be signing contracts and then we will officially be able to celebrate post-redundancy.

Hopefully never to return...

I shall keep you posted! yeee x

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