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ask Mummy Gibson

Ask Mummy Gibson

Mummy Gibson with Boy the day he was born.

Where were you born?
I was born in Latrobe Maternity Hospital in Tasmania

What have you been told about your birth story?
I was not told anything about my birth story - I was 5th of 7 children and Mum already had 4 - born in the first 4 years so she was probably too busy.

What is the first  memory you have as a child?
My first memory is sitting in the passage way at Roland - the hall had curtains separating the main rooms from the bedrooms, I was behind the curtains hugging my teddy .
I started school when I was 4 but I remember in that year being home one day because I was sick and there was only Mum and I.  The twins were not born till I was 5.

Where was I born?
You were born in The Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital in Launceston. 

Tell me a bit about my birth story?
I remember it only took 4-5 hours but it was a very hard birth as I was induced so all that time was the final stage of labour.  I was exhausted so I found it difficult to hold you.  I was losing quite a lot of blood so I had to stay in the labour room for several hours afterwards.  I was alone and they bought you in for me to feed, which was fine but they left me alone with you.  I fed you for a while but then I didn't have the strength to hold you and I was really upset and worried because I didn't know what to do - I thought I would drop you.  I tried to lower you back into the cot(I was lying in the bed) and the last few inches you just dropped in.  Then I laid there and cried.  My sister came in and left very quickly again crying because she said I looked like my Mum just before death and she thought I was going to die!!  Dr Roberts-Thomson delivered you - he delivered all my babies.  I had an episiotomy.  You were born 9 lbs. 6 ozs. But lost a lb. within the first week.  I was in the hospital for 10 days. Dr Thomson did not use disposable stitches so I didn't have them out till the 8th day normally - but in your case he couldn't make it and I didn't have them out till the 10th day just before I went home.  I went home on a Sunday and Sister Merle Challis bought us a meal that night as she had seen us arriving home as she went home from church.
By the time we went home you were fairly settled - only took another few days to sleep through the night.  

What is one of the first memories you have of me as a child?
One of my first memories is of Collette being cross with you because you cried and she smacked your arm.   She kept wanting to nurse you.  When you had your baths Lisa, Simone and Collette would fight over who bathed you - I didn't get much of a look in.  You always had 4 mothers plus Dad who also wanted to do everything for you.  I used to be glad when it was feed time as at least I was the only one who could do that!

Thanks for the email Mum! I shall think about my side of the story and reply. x

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Nettie's Blog said...

oh how wonderful to have your mum around to answer these questions for you....especially now you are a mum yourself...i have been trying to do my mums story and she is not here to ask i am making sure i am recording my own...check out Sugardoddle YW's section "MY life in a Jar"...a great starting point ..lots of q's you wondn't think of.. i have started there and adapted the American Q's to suit....XXXXX