Monday, July 23, 2012

trucks & pways

Thursday I got my car back from the mechanics. yay! 
(note new mirror)

of course we took a few trips to celebrate the return.

One of them was to the local park. Boy LOVE loves to "pway" and always gets so excited when I tell him we are going to the park.

Then on Saturday we were off to Melbourne to visit Aunty Sandra

We stopped in at Bunnings to grab some more supplies.

Boy also LOVE loves his Dadda's new "truck" and will use any opportunity to sit in the front and pretend to drive.

We are putting in some planter boxes for Aunty Sandra. It has been so nice to see her more over the last week as we have been doing it. (and of course eat all the yummy food she cooks for us!) 

We love to visit her and play at the park which is conveniently located just across the road. 

On the way home from Aunty Sandra's house on Saturday we pulled up to a read light - a blue car pulled up behind us and we were chatting away when we heard a BIG thud.

A silver 4 x4 had hit the back of the blue car - then the blue car hit the back of my car.

Suffice to say, I felt a little silly calling the insurance company for the second time in two weeks. Although we are very grateful that it wasn't us in the middle as the bull bar of the 4x4 completely crumpled the back of the blue car - where as I only have a small crack in the back bumper.

Its all fun and games driving in Victoria.

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