Monday, July 30, 2012

from like to loke #4

now.. where were we? oh yes...

The language of loke

from like to loke part four.

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I am jittery. I am giggly. I am.. I am..


The night before

It was the ball. I had donned an especially beautiful backless number, which of course needed a cardigan to give it sleeves and make it modest. Shame. I have a great back since I put on a little weight.

I am loving this new feeling. I am comfortable. I am happy. I am definitely liked. The day before was delicious. Today I have spent all day, every moment I could squeeze from the last 12 or so hours with Kyle. He is delicious.

Perhaps the sun had made me dotty. My skin is warm and tingly and I don't know if its because I am excited to, hopefully.. probably dance the night away with Kyle. oh Kyle, Kyle, Kyle. Or maybe I have heat stroke.. maybe a little of both.

Is it possible to have like stroke? No matter. I have had a stroke of luck thats for sure.

We are at the buses. Collette and I - we are ready. Waiting to be whisked to our ball destination. I am craning my neck, this way and that. Waiting for him.

We are hurried onto a bus. As I step up onto the bus I see him. In the crowd. Wandering towards us. Damn this bad timing.

We are away and Kyle is left behind to catch another bus.

No matter, we will find each other. I am sure of it.


I am apprehensive about kissing him. A kiss. Its a big thing. It shows we like each other. It shows we are moving forward. Moving on from playing cat and mouse to something new and exciting .. or if he is a bad kisser, moving on from each other. I can't stand bad kissers. 

Too sloppy, too beardy, too intense, too lippy.. no lippy. The list goes on..

I want a just right. I want a perfect fit. I want a forever.


I am wandering through the crowd of people mulling through the building where the ball is to be held. This building. It is big. There is a giant display of a gingerbread town near the entrance way. It makes me hungry. I saunter off to find something to eat.

I bump into people. They are all the wrong people. Not the wrong people per se just not the right people.. not the right person.

We chat and I smile nodding my head up and down in conversations weaving in and out of contact between old friends and new.

The music starts to play.

I feel like I am in constant suspense.

I catch a glimpse of him and I am sure he see's me. I want him to want me. I smile and continue the conversation I am having. I decide to play coy, after all I don't want to seem too eager.

I move towards the dance floor with a group of girls.

We dance around, we dance near each other. I dance away. I slow dance with other guys. He is watching me- politely accept invites and sometimes demanding dance partnerships with old friends and I am sure. I am sure I have captured his attention. 

Suddenly he is behind me, I can feel him. He is close. He grabs my hand spinning me to face him and gives me no choice. He pulls me in and we dance. Apparently he has rhythm when there is music too. I like it. I like him. He never lets go of my hand. Spinning me out and pulling me in, moving me around the floor.

He smells divine.


We have spent every possible moment we could with each other. I feel like I've known him forever. I feel like we all ready have history. Like we have known each other for more than just two and a half days

Tonight is new years. 

We take a walk away from the music down to where the gingerbread town stands tall and scrumptious. I wonder if it would still taste any good after sitting on display for so long. Kyle cheekily dares me to try some. I decline.


I have decided to kiss him. It has been over three full days since I virtuously offered him my cheek. I am jittery. I am giggly. We grab a bottle of Adelaide's finest non-alchoholic wine from the trailer. I am going to wait for the right moment. We stash the bottle in the bushes to collect later. Closer to midnight. Closer to the kiss.

We catch the bus from the ball back to our accommodation. He dutifully waits outside the girls complex while I change and I then wait for him outside the boys complex.

He brings chocolate. I am ecstatic. Chocolate and Kyle.. Its almost too much to handle for one girl.

We talk well into the morning. The sun starts to rise and I feel full. Happy and like forever doesn't seem so far away after all.

I think I am in love... but first there needs to be a kiss.


It is 11:58 pm we have been lolloping around the lawn. Away from the marquee - away from everybody else. 

We have found our own spot to laugh and chat and be with each other. We have collected our secret celebratory drink and have been sharing it between ourselves like a couple of smug 5 year olds.

As the sugar rush subsides we lay on the grass and look at the stars. The bottle placed at our side only half empty. I can feel the heat of his skin as we lie next to each other. The count down from the crowd in the marquee begins. 10..9..8..7..6.. "Kyle?" ..5..4.."Yeah?" He turns his head towards mine so I can smell the sweetness of the sugary drink on his breath 3.. I pull my chin up towards his face so our noses touch 2.. 1 I kiss him. He kisses me back. "Happy New Year" the crowd cries out. Happy New Year, I think in my head.

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