Monday, July 30, 2012

How to say Quinoa

The other night B and I were talking about this delicious salad that Aunty Sandra had made whilst we were doing some of this...

She had made some for dinner and kindly allowed us to share and then take some home! YUM (we love Aunty Sandra)

When B came to visit and we were cooking away [I was preparing another delicious Aunty Sandra donated moroccan lamb curry with fluffy rice bought to you by yours truly- and by prepare I mean re-heating] and she tried some and couldn't believe how delicious the curry was and then I showed her the Quinoa salad and we realised that I cannot say Quinoa!

Even as I type this I am thinking QU- eee- no -aa. Which is most definitely not how you pronounce it but I just cannot remember how to say it properly! Someone help, it is bothering me so much!

Anyway, here is the recipe for the salad. I took a picture of it because it was truly, truly delicious. I have never tasted Quinoa before but I am converted thats for sure!

Also, because B is like the healthiest person I know. We had a conversation (its probably been coming for about 24 years) about how I don't exercise at all.. truly. None.

We decided to go with something low impact and calming (which sounds like my type of exercise) also.. you don't have to wear shoes! SO we are starting YOGA. At Yoga Dojo. I've never been a member at a gym or anywhere really exercise related {apart from that year I did trampolining at PCYC} so Yoga seems like a great way to ease into getting a little more active. Considering its not about loosing weight but just feeling healthier and becoming more flexible .. (remember the leg incident)

So heres to Queenoaa and Yoga.


collidingstars said...


collidingstars said...

Umm. Did you realise that the pronounciation is on the recipe that you posted??? Sounds yum!

Jess said...

Haha, perhaps I should start reading top tips! Thanks :)