Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wangling Monday Nights

Last night, being Monday night, we had FHE. And Yes, I am not saying we have the best family home evenings or the most spiritual but sometimes I am just glad that we can have it and get it done to say that we did it, [does that make any sense?!]

Most of the time, because Bastian is so little, we take a lesson from the Nursery Manual. They are simple -have lots of pictures and with a suggested activity it is REALLY easy to have a spiritual well rounded family home evening.

Yesterday- I must admit, I forgot to organise anything! At 4pm I got a call from Kyle telling me he'd forgotten his bank card and couldn't make it home on the petrol he had.

So we jumped in the car and drove out to the highway where there are two petrol stations - (but then as I was heading out of Geelong and he was heading in) we were on the wrong side. So after a little more driving I found a bridge where we could cross over and head back in the right direction.

Anyway, to make a long story short. We finally made it to the petrol station on the right side of the highway and the whole time I was thinking " I haven't organised FHE..eek"

Sometimes, it is best to go with it. On the way back home we dropped in to grab some souvlaki's and then pulled off the highway so we could all eat together - on the back seat of the truck.  Then I said:

"So what should the lesson be on for Family Home Evening tonight Dadda?"

(therefore making it his responsibility.. see how I did that?)

 He said : "The family; a proclamation to the world"

"Excellent." I thought, patting myself on the back for passing the buck.

Treat - tick. Lesson -tick. Activity?

Well, since it was dark by that stage I turned the headlights of my car onto the park which happened to conveniently be located in front of where we had pulled over to eat.

And we had a quick play, in the rain, on the swings... by quick I mean, Two minutes.

Activity- tick.

Phew! Job well done family.

We live to tell the tale of another FHE.

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