Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Hunna's Phone Blog

So Hunna finally uploaded some photo's from his phone so I've put them together in a photo blog so that you can all see the everydayness of our life. Exciting right! haha

Partying it up: trying to put hats on Boy's head is
 like trying to get a cat to bathe... near impossible!

Auldyin and Boy (along with their belly's)
enjoy sport on a Saturday night

Boy and the bath = love

Keeping warm and comfortable doesn't
necessarily mean fashionable.

Cold. Freezing. Fun.

Sam & Bri & B & me

What happens when half of your
150 pairs of shoes are in storage.

Send Hunna to supermarket-
receive text that says "these ok?"

A late night ride home after being at Aunty Sandra's

Send Hunna to supermarket -
receive text saying "these ok?"

2 of 150
Boy learns how to take pictures on iphone
1 of 150
3 of 150

Do you think it's because he felt bad
 considering Annie could keep her
American accent up the whole time and
he is definitely 6 times her age and couldn't?

Receive (read between the lines) email from
one of Hunna's bosses means I am
severely guilted into pulling my socks up
with making his lunches.

Due to the the new health regulations no food is to be brought to work from home as we have had 
a bad case food poisoning and do  'NOT'  want this to happen again 

Any questions please call

(I am thinking, since when do they share lunches to get on mass food poisoning - but apparently most of his colleagues buy lunch everyday and I'd run out of food so he took practically ALL fruit last Thursday... this warranted a "state my case" scenario where he got his boss to try and trick me into letting him purchase lunch.. everyday.. I don't think so!)

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