Wednesday, August 01, 2012

From like to loke #5

The language of Loke

from like to loke part five

read part one, two, three and four.

It is a gloriously sunny day. Convention has come to an end. Collette, Dale & I have organised to stay with our good friends the Watts who live in Adelaide. We love to visit them. This means we will be in Adelaide a few days longer.

We have packed our bags and are ready to leave. People mull around taking room keys back and saying goodbyes.

Up until this point Kyle and I have been pretty casual in our discussions about the future.

I try to push the thought down but the odds seem to keep stacking up against me.

When I return to Tasmania on Friday, not only will I have a wedding to attend on Saturday. I will also have summer school start a week from Monday.

I will go back to three casual jobs. Full time school and life in general. I am busy. I thrive on busy.

A guy from Geelong and a girl from Launceston who meet each other in Adelaide, is it destiny or is is destined to fail?

I can't quite tell, I can't quite grasp the gravity of the situation because I am having an enormous amount of trouble thinking straight.  

My head starts to clear and I start to think about how it will all work out in the future and then he comes into view and my brain melts into mush. I am so giddy sometimes I don't know if I am up or down. 

I am standing with the bags in the court yard, waiting to leave, thinking about how it is all going to work out and feeling like a rope so tightly wound I may just snap; when he comes up from behind and grabs me around the shoulders.

My heart starts leaping in my chest. It is beating so violently it actually hurts and then he says he would like to stay with us at the Watts place until the end of the week.

All I can think about is how warm he is and how delicious he smells today... and I can't stop grinning like a cheshire cat.

I am over the, I am over pluto.

I nod, because its about the only thing I can force myself to do...that and not to drool.

I will have him to myself for a few more days.


"How was the wedding?"
"It was great. They had the reception in a barn, I'll upload some pictures to facebook for you to see"

"Ok, I'll check them out...You know how I said I should visit on Monday?"
"Well, if its ok with you I want to come down"
"Really? It'll have only been two days."
"Well, you go back to school the week after"
"Hmm. ok - thats a great idea.- what should I tell my Mum?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well what am I suppose to tell her? I am having a friend visit on Monday."
"Well, you could tell her your boyfriend is coming to visit"
"Are you my boyfriend?"
"Well, we've been doing boyfriend and girlfriend stuff."
"Yes, but you haven't asked."
"Oh, I didn't think I had to."
"Will you wear my pin?"
"Good. Now you can tell her your boyfriend is coming to visit"


On Monday I pick Kyle up from the airport. I am feeling over pluto once again .. like the leg I had been missing for two days is back and I can walk again. 

That night we gaze at the stars on a hill down by the river.

"I more than like you Jessica Gibson."
"I more than like you too Kyle, no middle name, Andrews."

I snuggle deeper into his warm side.

What do you get when you like someone more than like but you think you haven't quite made it to love..or you're just too scared to admit love first?

Why loke of course. More than like, almost love. From like to loke then on to love.

This is the end of the story of how Hunna and I fell gloriously in loke. The great thing about this story is that from like to loke is just the first chapter of our forever. I may just write the next: 'from loke to love'.


melandpeter said...

I'll never forget you guys being at our door after convention. We get out the car and see you with this random guy. You literally bounced over to me dragging Kyle with you and said "I picked up! Can he stay?" I will never forget that moment. xxx

Collette said...

Thank goodness that series is over... The mush was killing me... Secondly how funny do you look in a flanny and tights ( last post) hahahahhahaha end.

Wheeler Team said...

Collette is so funny! I think it's gorgeous!! It's a lot shorter story than Collettes would be :) when you know, you know. Well written!

The Kings said...

lol! I'm loving all these comments on here :) I want Collette's love story with Hayden now :)